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Peace of mind, happiness, and joy are all within your reach.

Compassionate Counseling & Psychotherapy, LLC

Practicing since 2014, I’ve been successfully counseling clients throughout the Atlanta area and facilitating their own unique processes of self-healing. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, my services aim to introduce clarity, self-acceptance, and positive growth.  Give me the honor of discovering how I could be of service to you.

Humanistic Approach

Every plant, animal, and person has an innate drive to grow, heal, and flourish. The goal of therapy is simply to restore and facilitate this natural healing function. Our work is essentially supporting you to find your own inner resources, your own truths, and your own joys.

To facilitate your natural healing, I will endeavor to create a safe, open, and comforting relationship between us.  Through empathy - allowing me to share your experience on a deeply emotional level, congruence - allowing you to have full trust in my presence,
and unconditional positive regard - allowing a fully caring connection regardless of any struggles, just such an authentic and nurturing relationship will be created.
You will be understood, you will find trust, and you will be supported.

Mindfulness Based Practices

Fall Foliage

Anxiety & Depression

Do you feel like you are always adding negative thoughts to your already stressed mind? My specialization will help guide and inspire you to overcome these habits and liberate your own inner potentials. Get in touch today and start connecting with your own inner strength.

Couples & Family Counseling

No interpersonal relationship, romantic or familial, comes without difficulties, blind spots, and places of burnout. With my counseling sessions you and your partner will learn to hear each other in far more profound and effective ways.  Restore the mutual understanding that will allow you to create the joy in your relationships that you desire.

Bridge Over River
Deriving insights from ancient Eastern physical/spiritual/psychological practices such as Yoga, Buddhist psychology, and Zen meditation, Mindfulness presents us with simple practices which access awareness of our own bodies, our own minds, and our own feelings.  You will find these new levels of awareness both refreshing and tremendously healing.

Life Transitions

Whether it be pills, sex, food, or social media, bad habits strike us all to one degree or another.  My years of experience working with dual diagnosis clients has prepared me well to help address your habit, whatever its nature.  Allow me to help guide you past shame and unhealthy attachments and help you to reconstruct a plan of recovery and a rich, wonderful life.

Mental Illness

My years of experience have exposed me to a very wide range of mental disorders ranging from mild anxiety to severe psychotic disturbance.  Regardless of diagnosis, I will be able to offer you resources to face your issue and a highly supportive environment to work through your issues.


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