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At the present time, the following Groups are being offered:
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1.  Open Process Group:  A non-directive, client led group which focuses on the development and exploration of the group dynamics themselves.  That is, how we interact with each other is a primary focus of attention and discussion. This focus on patterns of interaction both allows a very cohesive process and also much deeper insights into particular emotional issues.  The mutual sensitivity established by such a practice spontaneously produces deep empathy and powerful healing.  The topics for discussion on any given day are always determined by the group in the moment.

Currently meeting every Wednesday from 5:00pm to 6:30pm online with a fee of $60 per session.

2.  Teacher's Support Group:  Having several teachers at various levels on my caseload brought the nearly desperate need for support for our teachers to the fore.  This group is run by teachers for teachers and follows similar procedures to the process group above but focuses noticeably more on direct support.  How to handle poorly behaved students?  How to handle parents who behave even worse?  How to deal with less than fully supportive administrations?  How to find time for effective self care?  Direct answers to these and other questions from people in the field are available here.

Currently meeting every Saturday from 12:30pm to 2:00pm.  Fee is $60 with some insurances willing to pay for some of the cost.

3. Grief and Gratitude:  A process group which focuses on two core tasks: first, fully allowing and accepting all of the feelings associated with loss; and second, finding ways to achieve gratitude for all that was shared with those people or things which have been lost.  In this group you will join with others who are also going through significant loss, and who place an emphasis on mutual empathy and support.  Do you have the courage to accept your loss and sadness?  Do you have the wisdom to find your thankfulness at the same time?

Currently meeting every other Tuesday online from noon to 1pm with a fee of $45 per session.

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Group Therapy

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Group Psychotherapy offers a unique and powerful additional means for healing and growth. Instead of support and insight from myself alone, imagine the impact of several others' empathic supports gained through struggling with and overcoming their own hard experiences. Sometimes this comes from very similar experience in similar circumstances, and sometimes the shared experience involves radically different perspectives, enabling a multivalenced and subtle new understanding. On the other hand, visualize how it would feel if the difficulties you had faced and conquered were of great service and benefit to someone else.
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