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What does it cost?

That depends on your insurance.  Based on your plan, you will either have a co-pay or will be required to pay the full cost of the session until your deductible is met.  The co-pay amounts vary, but roughly half of my clients pay $20 or $25 per session.  The full cost of session also varies, but is generally between $60 and $120.  I am also willing to negotiate this fee for self-pay or out-of-network clients, based on income.  I take most insurances.

What's a session  typically like?

Usually you will talk about whatever is troubling you or has you excited.  I will try to understand, feel, and hold what that is like for you on an emotional level, and then reflect this back to you.  Usually this makes it easier for you to see, feel, and accept what is happening within you without judgment.  This non-judgmental  yet emotional acceptance almost always makes it easy for you to see your own truth, and for you to just know exactly what you need to do.

Will you diagnose me, ask about my mother, play mind games while holding back your own thoughts, or ask probing questions about my sex life?

No.  I will attempt to witness your process, to feel it, and to give it back to you with acceptance.  You will be in charge of the topic of conversation and the direction of the session, and I will tell you what I really think.  That is all.

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How do I know if I really need therapy?


Maybe you don't.  It is likely you will heal and grow all on your own.  But, if you are reading this, it is for a reason.  Perhaps it would be helpful to have a supportive collaborator in your process.  Perhaps your process will become faster, more productive, even funner with me along.  While I cannot guarantee complete success in all cases, I can promise you that you will benefit from our work together.

Frequently Asked Questions

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